Gain muscle with your phone

Connect your phone and get an injectable muscle mass. Want to know how? Follow our advice to exercise your muscles better than ever.

The universe of applications for iPhones and Androids is filled with specific contents for those who love fitness, and want to lose weight or know everything about nutrition. The search for the perfect body is a dream that many cherish to achieve, it causes this to be of the areas with hundreds of apps. In the middle of so many applications, it is less frequent to come across with specific contents for who love bodybuilding or for those who have the specific intent to achieve muscle hypertrophy. If you’re one of these enthusiasts, check these little treasures:

Muscle building trainer

With the specific intent to train for muscular hypertrophy, this application is one of the most complete to achieve it. With a very comprehensive menu, this app has the great advantage of having at your disposal a virtual personal trainer that exemplifies the correct and safe way to perform each exercise. An eight-week training plan is complemented with nutritional plans, information about supplements and small fitness advice. Calorie calculator, lists of healthy foods to buy at the supermarket or notes on the exercises are part of this app.

Full fitness: Exercise workoutrainer

Here the exercises come divided by the area of the body that you want to work and where you want to gain muscle mass and for a variety of equipment that you can use for this purpose. This app has hundreds of videos and images at your disposal that will show you the correct execution of them, and what exact muscle is working when you perform it. This is also one of the best-selling applications when it comes to the world of bodybuilding.

Guide for gaining muscles

As the name indicates, it is an application that is a true guide to our muscles, containing much information on the muscles of the human body and how you can boost its growth. Hundreds of articles about everything related to your muscle health, what can promote or injure, practical advice on how to increase your muscles, such as double your muscle gain, food for muscles, or the muscles in their teens are just some of the topics that are in the database of this app. If you want to get to know all about muscles, install it.

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