Kneeboarding: do you know what it is?

As the name indicates, this extreme sport is practiced on a board… on your knees. Get to know the strong emotions of kneeboarding.

The list of extreme sports has increased considerably over the past few years. Kneeboarding is an example of one of those sports, advisable only for those who like to feel the adrenaline going up.

Kneeboarding is an aquatic sport where the athlete does a species of waterskiing but on his knees. For this purpose, a specific board is used. This practice is an alternative to many other styles of water skiing, from the most classic to wakeboarding or barefoot water skiing with.

The board used in this sport floats, it is convex and hydrodynamic. Like other forms of water skiing, the kneeborder practices several extreme moves, on top of a specifically board for this mode, holding a cable that is pulled by a boat at high speed.

Created in California in the 50s, the boards of kneeboard started to be sold without much success at first, but later became a considerable success.

As a competition mode, kneeboarding is relatively recent, since the first official start dates back to 1983, having been developed over the last 33 years. When was considered as a competitive sport, kneeboarding began to gain interest of many people who started to look at it in a more serious way. Kneeboarding practitioners compete in slalom, radical maneuvers and style competitions.

Interestingly, one of the early types of this modality was called tourist kneeboarding and contemplated all those curious to try this sport, but that showed some fear. In this case, the board was strapped still on land to the boat, and practitioners began on the ground before entering the water.

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