Introducing the Rest and Pause method

Rest and Pause: Increase your muscles with this form of training. Let’s practice?

The Rest and Pause is the perfect kind of workout if you want to see your muscles mass increased quickly.

This intensive method has the advantage of prolonging the muscle fatigue and control the production of lactic acid, allowing more intense muscle contractions.


The Rest and Pause Training method, or RPT, consists on performing a repetition with maximum intensity, followed by a small break of 10 to 15 seconds, followed by another repetition, again with maximum intensity. Each repetition is divided in “mini” repetitions, separated by short breaks, and you should try to do as many “mini” repetition as you can. Each exercise should be performed to muscular failure.

Increased intensity

This is one of the most aggressive techniques, more demanding than drop-sets technique, requiring intense body performance in a very short time, which forces an intensity increased, matching muscle gains.

Unlike other training methods, this method never reduces the loads, the athlete always starts and end the exercise with the same weight.

Series reduction

As training is performed, it is normal to see your number of repetitions reduced, so you don´t have to reduce the load used.


Because it is a technique that requires a lot of effort and muscle work, it can increase your metabolism, your levels of testosterone, and the release of growth hormone, essential for muscle hypertrophy, resulting in a quick strength increase.

This technique should not be used in conjunction with other techniques in the same training, but also should not be abused, as it should not be practiced every time you go to the gym. When you’re practicing a more aggressive training technique, you should not practice another that requires the same intensity, so your muscles can completely recover.

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