Spinning. Did you ask to say goodbye to calories?

In the art of burning calories, few modalities can compete with spinning. Have you thought of trying it?

Spinning has long been a sport practiced in almost all gyms. Although it is not a novelty in the world of fitness, this is one of the most sought after sports practices, not only by cardiovascular benefits it provides and for the great loss of calories. If you want to quickly lose a few extra pounds, practice spinning.

Also, this is a great way to discharge your energy, relieve stress and save your joints. Because it is a low-impact exercise, there is no impact of lower limbs on the ground, spinning lessons are ideal for those who are afraid to suffer injuries.

A room with several bicycles fixed to the ground, arranged in a circle or line. This is the first image we have of a lesson of spinning.

Unlike other activities to cycle you can also find in the machine room of a gym, spinning is always done in group classes that follow the indications of an instructor that establishes the type of exercises, and its intensity.

Spinning consists of pedaling on bicycle to the floor fixed, as if you were traveling in with the bike. For about 45 minutes, alternating between more and less accelerated rhythms, various levels of difficulty are experienced and simulations on various grounds are made like riding on flat floor or climb slopes.

The pace of the lesson is imposed by the teacher and the music gives the tone for the intensity of the exercises. If you practice it, you can be sure you will:

Burn calories

Spinning is one of the activities that burn more calories: about 500 with a 45-minute class, which is a lot compared to other type of lessons.

Increase muscle mass

Because you can increase or decrease the tension of the bike and exercise your thighs, buttocks and abdominals, your muscle mass increases. Maintaining the correct position on the bike, your ABS are also in continuous effort.

Cardiovascular health

Spinning increases your endurance as it is a good aerobic exercise.

Obviously, each practitioner can choose to do the exercises in a more moderate way, especially if one is starting in this practice.

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