CX-Worx: a novelty for those who loves fitness

The fitness world is constantly evolving and news comes every day. Discover more of them: the cx-worx.

If you’re tired of some traditional gym workouts, try something new, like cx-worx. This is a type of intense training, lasting only 30 minutes, enough time to move every muscle in the body. The purpose of the set of exercises practiced here is to work all parts of the body quickly and intensely, in order to obtain extremely effective results.

Inspired by the techniques of personal training, this modality is practiced in group classes, combining the best of both worlds: a very effective workout that isn’t practiced alone. For those who like to train as a group and in short sessions, this is undoubtedly the ideal sport.

Cx-worx, in such short time, can remarkably strengthen and tone your body, it is ideal for legs, glutes and back, not to mention the calories lost during this training that, despite being very localized, can burn between 210 to 350 calories depending on the intensity with which the exercises are performed. In addition to working these areas of the body, cx-worx is interesting due to the development of strength and balance that are acquired over the months, it also helps on injury prevention.

The class is led by an instructor who, over the course of half an hour and six music tracks, will propose exercises, making sure that all students perform in the right way. Resistance exercises are combined with muscle strength ones. Several elements are used in this class, such as elastics, plates and the body’s own weight. Between push-ups, squats, twists, extensions or sit-ups, none of the exercises that can tone and strengthen the body are forgotten.

This recent form of training can be practiced by people of all ages, the exercises can be performed to the rhythm and intensity of each person, except for those who have spine problems or pregnant women.

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