Top Five Alternative Destinations

A different kind of vacation, to say the least.

Tired of queues to enter a monument or beaches where you can’t even lay half of the towel? We have the right tips for you.

Essaouira, Morocco

With its natural landscapes and the Middle Age ramparts, the typical Maghreb city offers dreamy sceneries: indeed, it is not surprising that, in the 1950s, many artists have found their inspiration there. Lately, the city has provided set to some scenes of the acclaimed Game of Thrones series.

Osaka, Japan

If you want to know the alternative world of the Far East Asia, skip Tokyo, which is overcrowded. In Osaka, you can enjoy the city life and you can quickly reach the Japanese countryside: there you can have the best of both worlds.

Reykjavik, Iceland

This is the right location for a green adventure: with numerous natural parks and a very quiet urban environment, Iceland has everything it takes to be a great tourist destination. This, of course, for those who don’t want to travel on heat seasons neither spend some time at the beach.

Gothenburg, Sweden

So you think this Scandinavian country is madly expensive? Forget it. Probably you are thinking only about Stockholm, where a beer can cost nine euros a glass, but the rest of Sweden is not that much of a money-eating nation. Gothenburg is friendlier than most Swedish cities, since it has an historical and commercial tradition of over 500 years.

Krakow, Poland

When someone speaks of the pearl cities of Eastern Europe, Krakow is rarely mentioned, losing its spotlight to Budapest and Prague, its rivals, but the second largest Polish city also has numerous points of interest, many historical areas (from the Old Town to the region clearly Soviet) as well as cultural spots, with many clubs presenting alternative and electronic music, among other genders. Not to mention the temperature, which in summer months is surprisingly high.

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