Smokey eyes: a trend that has come to stay

Use as much as you want of this makeup technique that most beautify your eyes.

Smokey eyes is already a classic makeup that many women do not exempt. Most suitable for evening wear, this style is also a great success in marriages and more formal occasions. Smokey eyes are a timeless makeup technique.

Its advantage, in addition to the thunderous impact of the look, is the fact is suitable for all ages, face types and formats eyes, even those who have droopy eyelids. There is another benefit of this smoky effect on eyes: they become more and more beautiful as time goes on, unlike other makeup techniques

Although the most used in this look are the dark tones, especially the gray and black, there are those who prefer a smoky look in shades of blue or green. You can also choose smokey eyes more intense and remarkable or smoother effects.

Mastering this look can take hours, but there are faster ways to get this sexy look done:

First, make sure to have the skin of the eyes well hydrated. Start by applying a cream-colored shadow across the eyelid, then mixing a darker shade applied from the middle of the eyelid to its exterior and soften well.

Use an eyeliner on the chosen tone and mark the upper lash line with a line not too thin. Then with a brush, go softening the eyeliner line to the eyelid and blending with other shadows. The main trick to get the smokey effect is to mix it well, always hiding the makeup lines.

Outline also the bottom of the lashes with pencil or eyeliner and also darken the line with a small brush. If you want, you can also outline the inside of the eye with a pencil.

Finally, apply a little mascara and your eyes will be more seductive than ever.

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