Boost your memory

There are several methods to not let the brain activity become lazy. The YouHot gives you some tips to get the best out of your memory.

It is a myth that we use only 10% of our brain, but the truth is that we can do much to improve our mental capacities, especially our memory. Learn what you can do to enhance this decisive characteristic of life.

Stimulate your brain

By doing reasoning or memory tasks, you prevent neurons and synapses, the neural connections, to atrophy. So, whenever you can, try to remember a particular event that occurred a few months or years back, or try doing some exercises like Sudoku or crossword puzzles.

Get together with your friends

We usually think alone, and it doesn’t stimulate the brain; We have the idea that we are constantly thinking about the same things and that there is evolution in reasoning. The unpredictability paths of a conversation and the external stimuli to our mind greatly enhance our neuronal health.

Have a balanced diet

What you eat has a direct and noticeable effect on the way of thinking. Never forget to eat vegetables and fruits, and avoid carbohydrates and sugars. Nuts, salmon, cauliflower and broccoli are on the list of essential food for a great brain performance.

Sleep well

Sleeping well is not synonymous with sleeping much. The recommended is between 7 and 8 hours: more or less than this may cause a numbness of reasoning.

Do exercise

Compel blood circulation to have a little more intensity and give more oxygen to the blood flow will give you more vitality and capacity for self-regeneration to brain cells.

Test the effects of caffeine

People react differently to caffeine. If, on one hand, some people get more nervous and have smaller reasoning capacities, there are also those who only work well with use of caffeine. Try to find the right dose of the miraculous elixir – but do not overdo it.

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