Giant series

One of the most advanced techniques for training bodybuilding is the giant series. Discover it with us.

This form of training is similar to the principles of the supersets, but it requires even more of your muscles, and is one of the best ways to end the stagnation that may affect muscle progress. The goal is to get the muscles to a new level of fatigue, so that the level of response of these further increase and muscle growth is “required” to your muscles. This giant series, a shock technique, continues to not give rest to the muscles and shorten, or eliminate, the intervals between exercises.

Supersets and giant series

While supersets are carried out two exercises in sequence, without rest, the giant series consist of four or five different exercises in a row, or with a minimum time interval between the accomplishment of it. The goal is to stop only while changing the necessary tools to perform the following series. To be successful in that, the best strategy is to have various instruments that you will need for the training nearby, so the change can be performed as quickly as possible.

Like supersets, giant sets, focus followed series of exercises for the same muscle group or different muscle groups. But the difference is striking: in giant series, each series consists of four to five exercises, which makes it really difficult.

The giant’s series method may be advised by your trainer, making it your unique training session, as it is a shock technique for the muscles. That is, when you finish conducting the exercises, call it for today and do not perform additional exercises. Loads which you work must also be adjusted as the exercises goes on.

Sharper hypertrophy

The goal of the giant’s series is to provoke an additional stimulus to the muscles, which force them out of steady state and “force them” to create more muscle fibers, reaching hypertrophy. Fat loss is also accelerated in this context.

Like some higher intensity training techniques, the time required to train it can be shortened if you opt for the giant’s series method.

By its characteristics, it is a form of very intense and advanced training that is not recommended for beginners.

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