Post-workout nutrition: what to eat?

What you eat after a physical effort is crucial to your muscle gain. Here’s what to eat post-workout period.

You know that before going to the gym to train you must choose judiciously the food you eat, in order to make enough energy to give your maximum and achieve the perfect physical shape. However, what you eat in the post-workout period can be as, or even more, important to obtain the desired effects.

It is in the rest period following the training that your muscles will heal and rebuild. According to the food you ingest, the muscle fibers will gain greater or lesser definition, grow more or less. It is essential that, after the physical effort, comes a well rested night so that the effects of the exercise can be enhanced and to stimulate muscle growth.

After an intense period of training you should not be more than 30 minutes to 1 hour without eating. It is essential to replace the energy spent so your body can start to repair your muscles and continue to have a high metabolism, burning more calories. By eating shortly after the workout is much more beneficial for the replacement of muscle mass than a longer period of time without ingesting food.


Post-workout meals are of the utmost importance for muscles growth. This is the food group to favor following the practice of intense physical effort if you want to increase your muscle mass. Since your muscle tissue is formed essentially of proteins, they will replace it in the muscle fibers. You can choose to proteins of animal or plant origin, such as the chickpea or soy. When it comes to animal origin, white meat should be preferred as they contain less fat than red ones. The proteinic sources will be preferentially used by your body to restore the worn muscle fibers by exercise and stimulate growth.


In small quantities. You must combine with proteins, while the primacy should be given to the first. Two slices of bread with cereals, two tablespoons brown rice, or the equivalent of half a cup of beans are sufficient amounts of carbohydrates for this phase. They replace the glycogen, the body’s energy source, derived from glucose, after the energy expenditure that training causes. You may opt for some quick absorption carbohydrates to fast replace that energy, like dark chocolate or fruit.


It is very important to bear in mind that the intake of fats or fried food is highly not recommended after periods of training. In addition to not being healthy options power supply, they also delay the absorption of proteins. Despite the fat also be essential in your diet, this is not the right time to consume it.

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