The benefits of cheese

The news about the harmful effects of this food are exaggerated.

Yes, Yes, we know: too much cheese cause high cholesterol, and could even result in cerebral vascular accidents and other types of heart complications. But there are cheeses that have unmatched quality that will give your body a lot of satisfaction. Learn which.


Feta cheese has very low fat and has even lower calories, which means that the palate and body are happy. It is the perfect cheese for any salad lover, for example. Not to mention the Greek feta cheese, made from goat or sheep milk, is even more healthy – usually, feta is produced from cow’s milk.

Cottage cheese

Rich in protein, with high levels of calcium, the cottage cheese has low fat – not to mention the calories, which are virtually nonexistent. Sodium present in this type of cheese also turns out very beneficial for the good functioning of the human body.


The most used cheese in pizzas, but it’s not this kind of cheese that makes pizza so caloric: actually, this ingredient is full of proteins with low calories. It is true that it is fatter than the above, but if you search well you will find the light version on the supermarket shelf.


In addition to the intense flavor, the benefits are also amazing: a tablespoon of Parmesan cheese contains 1.5 g of fat, 21 calories and 90 milligrams of sodium.

Emmental (or Swiss)

Low fat and a rich in phosphorous and sodium: there are no better arguments.

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