Tricks to increase muscle mass

There are variables that you may use during your workout at the gym if you’re in a hurry to increase your muscle mass.

Increase muscle mass requires a carefully planning of exercises to do, foods to eat and rest to take. But in each of these different spheres you can apply tricks that can enhance such increase.

Just as there are foods that can maximize the effects of training, there are elements within the workout that also serve this purpose. Try this

Machines and free weights

Normally more adepts to training with free weights, by increasing the level of difficulty of the workout, bodybuilders prefer to reduce the amount of exercises that are done on weight lift equipment. However, the combination of both methods may have good results: while free weights increase the degree of difficulty requiring more of the muscles, machines are good for working isolated muscles.

Increase the load

But decrease the number of sets, obviously. After all, high load training continues to recruit more muscles than exercises with less weight and more repetitions and sets. Increase the weight to each set, but decreasing the number of repetitions. The continuous weight increase (always with supervision) will stimulate more muscle.


When performing the eccentric portion of the movement, take advantage to take longer in the extension. As the muscle is longer in tension while in descent phase, it goes through a bigger effort and stimuli, inflicting micro injuries that can enhance muscular growth. No wonder there is a super slow training method.


It is crucial to respect recommended resting periods in order to gain muscles, but other than that, the more you go to the gym, the best. For relatively quick visible results, the required training frequency is, at least, three times a week. The ideal way is to conduct short and very intense exercises, then respecting the time required for muscle regeneration.

Increase intensity and variety

The intensity of the exercises and the introduction of new exercises is essential for a fast muscle growth. Talk to your instructor about this. Decrease the rest time between sets, increase the load lifted, the number of repetitions or change the amplitude of movements can do much for intensity which the exercises are practiced. The change introduced in the exercises is also essential for muscles to develop more quickly, as they forced to respond to new stimuli.

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