By the time you finish reading this, you will not want to eat more sugar

Candies are truly poisons to your health. Learn about the most disturbing reasons why you should abolish the sugar from your diet.

A sweetie after a meal is always a good call, but will your body thank you later? The latest studies show that sugar consumption is not advisable for the stability and well-being of the organism. We explain why.

It has no nutrients

It is empty of nutrients and full of calories, fructose and sucrose.

It destroys your teeth

Sugar is the ideal food for the bad bacteria present in your mouth, being the main fuel for cavities.

It can cause overloads in the liver

Glucose is present in each one of the cells that exist on planet Earth and, if it is not consumed by the human body, the body will take care of its production. In the case of fructose, is not a necessary element for the stability of the organism and, therefore, it is not produced by it. Therefore, any fructose consumed will be in excess and will have to be absorbed by the liver, which can cause an overload of sugar.

Sugar can cause cancer

The excess insulin produced by the liver in absorption of sucrose, glucose and fructose can cause diabetes and, in extreme cases, cancer.

It is expert in creation of fats

Due to its very special properties relating to the promotion of consumption, the more you consume, the more you want, without feeling satisfaction, sugar carries a strange influence on hormones and the brain, that ultimately result in its transformation into fats.

Sugar is addictive

Thanks to its properties, it releases dopamine in the brain, therefore it could be considered a drug, since it causes addition and serious consequences for health and wellness.

Now you know: the next time you think about eating a candy bar, think again.

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