Super slow method

Slow and steady wins the race. Behold the wonders of super slow method.

Not only the fastest methods can achieve great results in muscle hypertrophy. Performing the exercise in “slow motion” can be a great help to gain strength as to the increase of muscle tissue. Know that the junction between less heavy loads and slow movements in repetition can be a great stimulus for your muscles. Here what the super slow method is all about.

Bodybuilding techniques are not only made with heavy weights. There are techniques designed to lift lower loads, but with significant bigger muscles. This technique requires slow movements when performing the exercises and that’s why it has to be performed with lighter weights. But note that “lighter” weights are not synonymous with light weights, but with less heavy weights than those who would use to perform another type of bodybuilding techniques.

Japanese scientists from Tokyo University published in the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, some discoveries whose main concern was to find a method that would provide muscle strength to an older population. At the end of the experiments, it was verified that the population had submitted during 12 weeks to a slow practice, have gained more strength and muscle mass than those who had trained at normal speed.

Continuous tension

With slower repetitions, the muscle is working under a continuous tension, because both up and down movements are performed with absolute control. This generates a constant work of muscle and a dramatic stimulation of the same. For this control, it is necessary to use moderate weight, it should not be too heavy. The exercise should be done really slow. Each movement should last between five to ten seconds, depending on the exercise and weight in both the ascending as the descending, increasing the total time of completion of each exercise.

This method has the advantage of decreasing the risk of injury.

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